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The bibliography is organized by author within categories. A category selection window at the top of the bibliography display page duplicates the index entries below. Category-based subselection of entries is done on the web-server. This occurs during the XSL transformation of entries from MODS-XML to XHTML using the PHP5 XSLT processor; you get sent only what you ask for. Within your browser, the bibliography display is first created with book descriptions expanded. For Javascript enabled browsers, the descriptions will be collapsed just after loading the page. Hovering a mouse over the triangle wedge next to "description" will temporarily float the hidden description over the underlying page. Clicking on the wedge will open or close the description. Browsers without Javascript enabled simply get the the entries with descriptions expanded.

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At this point, the connotation of “general” is the range of topics i've been interested in; i.e. it's an individualistic bibliography of a computational physicist, writer, web designer, … To a large extent, I'm cataloging my own book collection plus a few more books that have caught my attention. More categories may be added later. If you choose one of the categories above and it returns empty, I simply haven't gotten the books entries done yet. It will happen soon. A book, by the way, can be in more than one category.


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Some association published books may not be distributed or readily available via the commercial book market. These are links directly to association book catalogs. Associations generally offer discounts to members and have sales. Where pertinent to availability, I've listed book titles below the association link.

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