Adapted from the traditional Breton song (and more on Breton Music) "Pez Trouz Zou ar en Doar?"
by George Emlen (arrangement) and Susan Cooper (English words).

This material has been used as part of the Christmas Revels
celebrations of the season via music and dance

The land beside the sea lies prisoned in the snow.
Along the frozen shore, chill winds of winter blow.
Dawn creeps across the sky, but still the light is gray.
And swiftly falls the dark, until the shortest day.

But gentle comes the breeze across the western sea.
To warm the sleeping earth and waken branch and tree.
Green grow the leaves at last in sudden joyful spring.
As oak and apple bloom and all the small birds sing.

So welcome to the New Year, as the old year dies.
And winter falls away, so summer's sun may rise.
Joy fills your hearts and homes, as brightness fills the day.
And hope and love forever, drive the dark away.

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"The Land Beside the Sea", sequenced by Keith Eric Grant