Massage — Teaching & Writing

In the late 1990's , I had started writing and accumulating material related to massage for the McKinnon Institute web site.  The resources section of their web site contains a number of articles and links.

I now have the annotated bibliography for massage practitioners on this website, after bringing it up to date and improving the technical presentation in fall 2006. Back at the beginning of 2001, I become a columnist for new startup monthly massage publication Massage Today, a writing habit I've continued since then.

Along more political lines, I created the Massage Therapy Activist's Resource Page, providing resources for activism, communication skills, and issues of massage governance. This has been followed by an extensive white paper, a Review of Issues in Massage Governance, and extensive review of the Status and Trends in California Massage Education (2004), and a blog, the Massage Politics Sheet. There are several other entries under my articles page. What occasional humor I come across pertinent to the human body and politics is destined for The Body Politic. In spring of 2006, I've started a more general blog, Ramblemuse Touch Points.