Science Writing

Keith Eric Grant, PhD, has been writing on various topics of science and research on a variety of email lists since 1992. Since January 2001, Keith has been the author of the Ramblemuse column for the trade newspaper Massage Today. Keith has used this column to explore and make more accessible a variety of research on human learning and the nature of expertise and on integration of a sense of body from the diversity of sensory inputs. In Spring-Summer of 2008, he is transitioning away from former commitments as a physicist/employee to further develop freelance opportunities in science writing and scientific consulting.

Keith is a member of the Northern California Science Writers' Association (NCSWA) and the National Association of Science Writers (NASW). He is a graduate of the 2007 Santa Fe Science Writing workshop, a workshop organized annually by Sandra Blakeslee and George Johnson.

Member, National Assoication of Science Writers